To My Fearless 50

50… WOW.

50 Unapologetically multidimensional women

50 Master Pieces

50 Works of Art

Because we are allowed to be both simultaneously.

50 women dedicated to blossoming and fostering their own truth.

50 women that are healing and taking the necessary steps towards self-love.

50 women more aware of who they are and how to communicate that to others.

50 women determined to create a “new normal” in their community.

50 women that will break the cycle of fatherless children and husbandless mothers.

50 women that changed my life while taking control of their own.  

When I created 100 Other Halves, my goal was simply to have girl talk. I wanted to share my story and the knowledge that I’ve acquired about the impact of father-daughter relationships. I had a keen interest in empowering women while allowing their stories to enlighten me. Thanks to you, I was granted that opportunity 50 times. Each day that I left our one-on-one meetings, I experienced chills. I was drawn by your strength, your ability to articulate some of your most traumatizing experiences with such eloquence, the look in your eyes as you shared some of your darkest secrets, and that AHA moment when we realized the various ways that you’ve been impacted. I witnessed the weight, the hurt, the pain, and the exhaustion from releasing suppressed feelings. Those emotions exited your soul. That experience no longer owned you. Your story was no longer a secret. Women that have an unhealthy or nonexistent relationship with their father have two stories: the one that we tell people and the uncomfortable truth. The truth is, at times, embarrassing and filled with the possibility that someone may look at you differently. The truth can cause emotions, that either you didn’t know existed or thoughts that you’ve disowned, to erupt like vomit. However, as you shared your story with me through tears or the fight against them, I did not see vomit, embarrassment, or the privilege to view you in a negative light. I saw undeniable beauty and immense power. And to my “daddy’s girls” whose eyes lit up while sharing their favorite memories of their father, I love you. I’ve never witnessed a healthy father-daughter relationship. Your father’s love poured through you and offered me a visual of how beautiful black fathers are. Thank you for being an ally for women who did not share that experience. I pray that you continue to have patience with us as friends, cousins, aunts, daughters, etc. We are all unified as women, as lovers, as scholars, and as global citizens.

To each of you, 100 Other Halves is a constant reminder that your story is your power. Thank you for trusting me. I am forever in debt with you for sharing your power with me.

Thank you, 50. 



Each week I will post two letters by the women of 100 Other Halves written to their fathers. It will be a variation of women with positive, negative, and nonexistent relationships with their fathers.

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