I’m on a Mission to Meet 100 Powerful Women

100 Other Halves is a dialogue, for women of all ages, to discuss the impact of their father's love or the lack thereof. This one-on-one conversation will spark realization, understanding, and healing.

Are you one of them? Let's have girl talk!  

We are all created by two humans with one heart. 

Yet, the absence of fatherhood within my community has become normalized and accepted. This acceptance has limited our ability to analyze and understand the impact that it has on us mentally, spiritually, and psychologically. When I was born, my father was incarcerated. For the next 22 years, he began a cycle of being released and reentering the prison system. During that time, I began a cycle of unhealthy relationships and self-destructive patterns. Growing up, none of my closest friends had fathers in their lives either. I became obsessed with understanding the impact that this absence had on our beliefs, behaviors, and habits. I began to research and speak with anyone who would listen: women, men, educators, new friends, and now YOU. I created 100 Other Halves to meet with 100 women, one-on-one, and hear her story. This is a journey of sisterhood towards realization, understanding, and healing.

Whether the relationship was positive, negative, or nonexistent. Your story is your power. It's time to release it. 

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My story is my power. The water of my vulnerability has allowed me to blossom.

I can't wait to meet you and hear yours.